The Natural Path - Wellness Center
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Eden Prairie • MN • 55347
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Welcome to The Natural Path – We promote A Healer in Every Home TM

Welcome to The Natural Path!
Your Local Wellness Center in MN

The Natural Path is a multi-service Holistic Health and Wellness Center. David Eide, Traditional Naturopath, Callie Eide, Life Coach and Natural Health Practitioner, Teresa Lokken, BioEnergetic Practitioner, Cynthia Schmickle, Wellness Center Manager and Lori Lomicka, Project Coordinator all provide outstanding service to those seeking natural non-invasive health care. Using Electro-Dermal Screening, Biofeedback Relaxation, Voice Stress Analysis, Digital Thermography and other methodologies we help you identify areas of distress and help your body to heal itself naturally.

Dave Eide
Callie Eide, Biofeedback Practitioner
Teresa Lokken, BioEnergetic Practitioner
Dave Eide
Traditional Naturopath
Callie Eide
Biofeedback, Voice Stress Analysis and Digital Thermography Practitioner
Teresa Lokken
BioEnergetic Practitioner

Welcome to The Natural Path!